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Dr Eric Daiter is a highly regarded infertility doctor with 20 years of experience. Dr. Daiter has personally witnessed which treatments are effective in different situations. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, Dr Eric Daiter is happy to help you (in the office or on the telephone). It is easy, just call us at 908 226 0250 to set up an appointment (leave a message with your name and number if we are unable to get to the phone and someone will call you back).


"I always try to be available for my patients since I do understand the pain and frustration associated with fertility problems or endometriosis."


"I understand that the economy is very tough and insurance companies do not cover a lot of the services that might help you. I always try to minimize your out of pocket cost while encouraging the most successful and effective treatments available."



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Coagulation devices are used primarily to control bleeding. They can also be used to burn (and thereby destroy) tissue, such as during a tubal ligation (2-3 sites along the fallopian tube are grasped with a bipolar coagulation device and the tissue between the paddles is completely burned so as to destroy the tubeís patency and function).

The bipolar instrumentís electrodes, between which electrical energy is passed, may be in the form of paddles (for a broader area of coagulation) or needle tips (for a smaller area of coagulation). The bipolar instrument is connected to a power generator with an electrical cord and (on-off) control of the device is most often via a foot pedal (controlled by the operating surgeon).

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